The Law Offices of Lee and Wombacher

“Rebecca and this firm gets things done professionally and you will see great results!”

David R.

“Mark Gummerson’s strength is that he is a most capable litigator who turns that strength into a favorable divorce settlement. He was on top of my case at all times so it progressed in a timely manner, with an outcome even better than anticipated due to his diligence, ability and perseverance. Hiring Mr. Gummerson was an excellent decision.”

Paulette G.

“Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC have been the corporate attorneys for our not-for-profit organization for several years. They are always responsive, efficient, and timely in responding to our needs.”

Terry E

“Rebecca Lee has been effective in representing our business for years. In matters such as drafting and reviewing contracts, recording and litigating mechanics liens, and collecting delinquent accounts, her representation has been invaluable.”

Blue Ribbon Millwork

“Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC have exceeded my expectations on legal matters covering a range of disciplines, including business, personal, and real estate, to mention a few. The timely communications and genuine interest in delivering insightful counsel and action has been consistent over a decade of turning to the firm for my legal needs.”

Craig S.

“I was overwhelmed after being let go from my job and then my employer contested my unemployment claim. Rebecca Lee assisted me with the confusing IDES appeal process and advocated for me in the hearing, helping to secure my unemployment benefits.”

Lisa N.

“After my children and I were involved in an automobile accident I did not know what to do. Jamie Wombacher and Nick Alexander assisted me throughout the entire process; they were professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend the attorneys at Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC to my friends and family.”

Elizabeth L.

“Unfairly charged with a felony, I was frightened and confused. Jamie Wombacher and Rebecca Lee fought tirelessly on my behalf and I was found not guilty of the felony. I couldn’t be more appreciative.”

David M.

“I am so glad that I contacted Jamie Wombacher concerning my legal matter. I would highly recommend Jamie and the law firm of Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC.”

Colleen O.

“After I was injured in an automobile accident, Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC, fought hard to make sure that I was adequately compensated for my injuries. I appreciated the attention to detail and the way the attorney made sure that I understood the entire process.”

Jeremy M.

“We had been happily married for 24 years and, without a clue, my husband came home, said he was leaving, and left our home with just the shirt on his back. We did not argue or fight in our marriage and I had no clue what was going on or what he was capable of doing. He was totally in control of our finances and had so much money and power. At one point, he even stated that without an attorney I would get more from him. I was very naive and did not understand that I had legal rights. Without the knowledge that Mark had in divorces of this nature, I would not have been able to understand what my legal rights were. With the assistance of Mark and the firm I was able to have financial security again.”

Christine G.

“Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC represented my son in a misdemeanor matter. The team’s insight, experience and relationships were beneficial to both my son and I in understanding and navigating this difficult process. While I hope to not need their services for this type of matter in the future, I would certainly call on them or refer others to them if the circumstances warranted.”

Gary D.

“When I was accused of a crime that I did not commit, Jamie Wombacher fought hard to have the charges dismissed. I am grateful for her dedication to my case and her belief in me.”

Josh P.

“Rebecca successfully guided me though an emotional and often times contentious divorce. She provided excellent advice and balance when issues surfaced in negotiations. She was available for me at all hours of the day and night and responded promptly to meet requirements. She is an exceptionally capable and professional attorney who has the ability to “sift through the noise” and provide good advice and recommendations during a painful process. I recommend her highly.”

Al N.

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your efforts in bringing this very unusual case to a conclusion. Your calm confidence and resolute refusal to be bullied by Plaintiff’s counsel was evident and it helped me through a difficult period. Thank you again and I shall consider you a friend always.”

Robert L.

“Thank you very much for all the time, effort and hard work! I can’t ever thank you enough you’re a life saver. Thank you a million times over.”

Jon P.

“Thank you for helping me with everything in the worst of times. Your assistance means a lot to me. Can’t thank you enough. Could not have made it without you. Thank you.”

Prapti D.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, for standing by me, and fighting for me throughout this process.”

Lori L.

“Thank you so much. You fought long and hard for me. I thank you for being so kind to me.”

Susan L.

“Thanks Rebecca, for all your assistance in this matter. It’s been a pleasure having you as me lawyer. Never was I not understanding what was happening or being done on your behalf! I would recommend you to anyone I come across.”

Lou V.

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