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Create a Secure Future with Legal Estate Planning Services

As a legal term, an estate refers to more than just a collection of grounds. Legally, it is the accumulated worth of a person’s financial assets offset by any monetary liabilities. An estate can include held property, businesses, investments, savings, and more. Additionally, estates are governed by both federal and state laws. For all of these reasons, hiring an attorney to guide you through creating an estate plan is essential. An experienced attorney will not only be able to help you draft important estate planning documents like wills, but they will also be able to help you determine the full extent of your assets and help you make decisions surrounding issues like power of attorney, healthcare proxies, whether or not you need a trust, probate, guardianship decisions, and the method and timing of distribution. The estate planning attorneys at Lee Wombacher, LLC are able to help navigate you through all of these areas so that you can secure a future for your family.

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