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We are divorce lawyers and family law attorneys who care about our clients and work hard to obtain favorable outcomes for them. We frequently help individuals in McHenry County including Woodstock, Crystal Lake and Algonquin with divorce, custody, visitation, equitable distribution, alimony, high asset divorce, prenuptial agreements, marital agreements, child support, domestic violence, and modification issues.


Divorce and family law cases can be highly emotional and traumatic. You need a divorce and family lawyer who understands and can help. You should consult with a divorce and family attorney to get answers to your questions as to your rights in a divorce, children’s rights, your property rights and your rights and responsibilities resulting from the marriage. We can understand and analyze your unique situation to help you to make decisions in your best interest and the best interests of your family and help to achieve your goals.


The family law designation covers a wide range of potential cases and issues. Some examples of domestic situations covered by family law include marriages and prenuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, annulments, separations, divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity, guardianship, property division, adoption, emancipation, and foster care, for starters. Because of the broad nature of family law, it is important that you have a family law attorney and law firm you can trust. Additionally, there is often a lot of emotion and heated feelings involved in family law cases which require that sensitivity and understanding are balanced by an unbiased and impartial nature. A family law lawyer needs to be able to keep their cool and mediate any discussions that occur as part of your case. At Lee Wombacher, LLC, you can count on our family law attorneys to do just that. We are professional and dedicated to helping you move forward.

Actual Examples of Divorce Results for clients of The Law Firm of Lee Wombacher, LLC:

• Received a judgment of over $200,000 in favor of wife due to husband’s dissipation of the marital estate.
• Order entered granting reduction in child support, by approximately $1,700 per month, due to a decline in income.
• Father granted residential custody of child in post decree matter.
• Order entered establishing a 503(g) Trust for the benefit of the parties’ minor child, after father was imprisoned for conduct unrelated to the marriage. The funds will be used to pay child support and one-half of the uncovered medical and dental expenses incurred on behalf of the child.

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