The Law Offices of Lee and Wombacher

Woodstock, IL Construction Litigation Attorneys You Can Count On

The field of construction litigation is simultaneously both broad and narrow. It is limited, of course, to matters involving construction. These matters, though, can range and overlap with other areas of law. We help resolve issues related to disputes about contracts between subcontractors and contractors, contractors and homeowners, as well as personal injury and workers’ compensation cases where an employee of a construction company is injured on the job due to company negligence. In order to better help you understand the variety of cases that fall under the construction litigation designation, the construction litigation attorneys at Lee Wombacher, LLC are knowledgeable, experienced, and ready to answer your questions. Give us a call if you want to pursue a construction related case, regardless of whether you’re a homeowner whose property was damaged or whose home was poorly constructed; an employee of a construction company; or even a business, subcontractor, or contractor disputing a contract or office construction.

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