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The family law designation covers a wide range of potential cases and issues. Some examples of domestic situations covered by family law include marriages and prenuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, annulments, separations, divorce, child custody, alimony, paternity, guardianship, property division, adoption, emancipation, and foster care, for starters. Because of the broad nature of family law, it is important that you have a family law attorney and law firm you can trust. Additionally, there is often a lot of emotion and heated feelings involved in family law cases which require that sensitivity and understanding are balanced by an unbiased and impartial nature. A family law lawyer needs to be able to keep their cool and mediate any discussions that occur as part of your case. At Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC, you can count on our family law attorneys to do just that. We are professional and dedicated to helping you move forward.

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