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Our highly successful lawyers frequently help clients across McHenry County and surrounding areas including Woodstock, Crystal Lake, Harvard, Marengo, McHenry, and Algonquin.

Family Law - home in Woodstock, IL
Family Law

If you’re experiencing legal issues within your family, you may need a family law attorney to help mediate and guide you. Our experienced family law attorneys have the experience and negotiation skills to help your family law matter come to a conclusion you can be happy with. [Learn More]

Criminal Law - home in Woodstock, IL
Criminal Law

A criminal defense attorney can help ease your mind throughout the investigation process. Even if you’ve yet to be charged with a formal crime, the criminal law experience of our attorneys can help prepare you for all that is to come. Don’t wait until it’s too late; see how we can help. [Learn More]

Car Accident - home in Woodstock, IL
Personal Injury

Minimize the devastating effects of your personal injuries after an accident when you trust one of our skilled personal injury lawyers to help you. We know every step of the process and can advise you on how to proceed in order to maximize your damages. Let us help you. [Learn More]

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Lee Wombacher, LLC is a law firm you can trust for a variety of legal issues. Our firm of three lawyers can represent you in cases ranging from family law to criminal law. We have experience in a total of over nine legal areas. Yet, despite the firm’s broad range, each individual attorney specializes in only a few areas. This allows us to give you the best of both worlds. In some ways, we are you’re one-stop-shop for legal services, all without the worry of having to sacrifice the expertise that comes with a limited legal focus. We want to help you move forward, past whatever legal issues you are facing. So call us today or look through our site to discover more about both our attorneys and the areas of law we practice. Finally, we welcome you to contact us via phone with any additional questions you might have. 


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